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Venison is by far the most popular game meat available in Australia today, with good reason!

It’s dark red, fine grained meat is low in fat and packed with flavour. It contains more protein than any other red meat, perfect for those looking at reducing red meat intake. 


150g of Kangaroo provides an average adult with 66% of their recommended daily protein intake.

A few simple steps will ensure a perfectly cooked nutritionally packed meal every time. Stay tuned in with us and we’ll show you the way.   

Wild Rabbit

Unlike farmed rabbit, wild caught as expected has a stronger, gamier taste.

It’s one of the healthiest, leanest and most environmentally friendly meats available today.

 The ways in which it can be prepared is endless. We look forward to sharing family recipes from the ‘old country’ with you real soon.   


Goat is a low fat, lean meat that is high in protein and rich in Omega-3.

It can be prepared much like lamb and is particularly well suited to slow cooking methods creating flavourful, spicy dishes.


Buffalo is a healthy lean substitute in any dish you would traditionally use beef.

From delicious Buffalo Kebabs, Osso Buco, Eye-Fillet Steak and incredibly lean Buffalo Burgers you can’t go wrong!  

Wild Boar

A truly unique flavour has Wild Boar. It’s was enjoyed by European aristocracy for centuries and now it’s making it’s way into restaurants Australia wide.

Wild boar is excellent barbecued or cooked slowly. When prepared properly, it is flavourful and very tender.

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